Hello Photo Lovers!

My name is Katie Claire, owner and photographer for Katie Claire Photography. I studied photography in High School for three years. After high school, I was confident and optimistic that photography was what I wanted my life to be revolved around! So, I furthered my education, at College of Du Page, by double majoring in photography and earned my degrees in Applied Science with Photography and Photography Tech! I have worked at high-end photography studios, as well as photographing at the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox games! I have had lots of opportunities come my way since I have earned my degrees and have enjoyed all of them!

Since then, I have had lots of fun and success building my own photography business as an "ON LOCATION" photography studio. This means that I come to you! No big scary bright lights popping. No cold, dark studios with props everywhere, and best of all no hussel bussel of a business rush! No driving all over town packing and unloading the family being nervous about making your appointment! We make the appointment when it is a good time for you and your family not squeezing you in like most studios tend to do! If you have young ones (babies, toddlers) that need their diaper changed or a feeding etc, that is no problem! We can easily take a break. Because a happy baby makes everyone happy!

I love to take advantage of natural light! So I highly suggest OUTDOOR sessions! I have had many sessions at families' homes, parks, forest preserves, Japanese gardens, backyards, and even zoos, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and even college campuses! Be creative where you would like to have your photos taken! I have worked in the high end studios and have taken that experience for your advantage! I have learned what works and what does not work especially with families with kids! I know that babies, kids, and even teens and adults are more comfortable in a setting they are familiar with and act more natural and real when placed in a familiar surrounding and around familiar faces and things such as a favorite toy(s) or activities (bubbles, toy cars, stuffed animals, etc) ! Another plus is, you no longer have to drive anywhere to find a studio! I come to you when you say is the best time! For the majority of the sessions booked I will set the entire day aside for YOU or a good portion of the day (meaning a few hours; no more 30-45 minute sessions)! I hate the feeling of being rushed and humans do not act themselves when pressured by the clock! So, let's take our time and get those wonderful memories you are looking to capture! On average, I take a few hundred photos each session! I love taking candid photos as well as your nice family portraits etc! I take all types of photos! I will take anything from your newborn's 1st photos through their high school or college senior photos, to their wedding day! And of course Family photos! I also take photos of events such as baptisms, reunions, anniversaries, weddings, birthday parties etc. I do events such as car shows and air shows as well as most items if you are trying to sell something such as a car or most items (ie: cars, CDs, labels, food, craft projects, model shots, magazine articles, artwork, etc., etc.)! I even do landscapes and freelance photography ... so if you are looking to decorate a room, house, store, etc., I can photograph just about anything you need! Ask and you shall receive (in most cases!).

Please contact me to learn more about how I run my photography business and prices! I am told that my photography business is a step closer to reality and on a more personal level at half the cost but same or better quality as the high-end guys out there!

My Email Address is KatieClairePhotography@gmail.com

Or my Phone Number is

Thank-you for inquiring about my work! I hope that you enjoy my photos and this blessed day you have been given!

Hope to hear from you all soon! I wish you the best of memories!
Take Care!

Katie Claire
Owner and Photographer of Katie Claire Photography "On Location"